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Group Tour
Transportation & Shuttles

Are you running an incentive trip and need to get your group from the airport or on a sightseeing tour? CorporateShuttle.com by BusBank has you covered. 

Booking Shuttles for Group Tours

Planning for group tours for guests or or employees involves multiple challenges and difficulties, not the least of which is planning the transportation part. Making the arrangements for a group tour can be simpler by using corporate transportation and shuttle services.

Replace arranging parking, getting everyone to a destination simultaneously, and the additional costs of using multiple vehicles by booking a service that will arrange drivers, buses, schedules, etc. for you.

Group transportation services will work on your behalf with coordinating landing times and pickups at the airport, and getting your tour group to the hotel or meeting site. 

Let the experienced ground transportation experts take the stress out of transportation, so that you can focus on the rest of your event. 

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Why CorporateShuttle.com?

With over 22 years of experience,  CorporateShuttle.com by Busbank has provided ground transportation solutions to organizations big and small, moving employees from public locations to their places of work. With an extensive selection of vehicles, proven transportation and logistics experience, and premium features you are unlikely to find anywhere else, CorporateShuttle is your go-to transportation solution.

What set us apart

Highly Trained Operators

Our operator network is chosen based on a strict vetting process. All drivers meet DOT/FMCSA requirements and are selected for each shuttle service based on their experience providing a safe, reliable, and comfortable service.

Vast fleet of vans and buses

Choose from vans, mini coaches, school buses, or deluxe motor coaches. Our extensive network of charter bus services has a vehicle for any shuttle service. No matter the size or distance, we can provide it.

First class safety coverage

Whether it be concerns about public health requirements, CDC compliance, or operator experience, our industry-leading safety coverage and protocols are sure to keep your employees safe during their daily commute.

GPS Tracking

Passengers can use our optional mobile app to easily track the location of their shuttle and board. Management staff can also track the route to ensure the service is scheduled to meet the needs of the company.

Route creation and planning

Customers have access to custom routes and schedules. This capability finds the most efficient and safe route for passenger pickup, allowing users to plan their employees' pickup locations down to the street level.

A few of the companies we’ve worked with...

CorporateShuttle.com by BusBank offers multiple vehicles and services as a transportation provider. Since we provide services across the country to meet your touring needs, you can enjoy these benefits by working with our transportation company. Our group has even helped transport more than 7,500 people for the Bottle Rock Festival and assisted in the weeks following Superstorm Sandy.

Benefits to Group Tour Shuttle Services

Still not sure how Corporate Shuttle can help? Take a look at some of the benefits of group tour transportation.

Group Tour Transportation services can also help organizers get more time back for themselves and the passengers, as they will have less time wasted organizing and fine tuning the transportation. And beyond convenience, shuttle services also provide a social environment for guest, helping to create a sense of community within the tour. An added advantage that’s fantastic will be tour’s morale.

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Better Than Public Transportation

Public transportation can face significant delays and is not adherent to your organization’s schedules or timelines. If you plan a group outing for employees, you can ensure everyone arrives on time and at the proper destination without worrying about late arriving trains, busses, or taxis. 

In addition, many metropolitan areas do not have current public transportation services available. This restriction can make it challenging for large company groups to attend conferences in industrial areas. Private charter bus tours can provide reliable and efficient transportation to your destination without using multiple trains, busses, or taxis to reach it. 

By collaborating with Corporate Shuttles, your group will receive timely service that is more convenient than public transportation by offering custom pickup and dropoff points.


Tailored Routes and Schedules

Corporate Shuttle offers custom routes and schedules so they can meet all your company’s transportation needs effectively. As a result, your organization can make the most efficient trip possible for visiting clients. 

Public transportation routes are designed to cover a significant area of service. Therefore, if your large group attends a concert or sporting event, travel time will be longer, and busses and trains can face overcrowding, making it challenging to get from one place to another. 

Hiring a tour bus service can guarantee that your group makes it to your destination on time and leave when you want, rather than waiting on public transportation methods.


Sanitized Vehicles

Corporate Shuttle takes serious precautions with hygiene. Each vehicle is cleaned out after every trip and offers superb sanitation guidelines for all passengers.

You can rest easy on upcoming private bus tours, knowing that you and your employees and clients are using clean and safe vehicles. 


Professional Drivers

With every shuttle, CorporateShuttle.co supplies a commercially licensed and vetted driver. Your guests won’t need to drive themselves around their own tour and so they are free to socialize and focus on the trip.

Group Tour Shuttle Services in Your City

As much as we love them, large cities can be a nightmare to commute within. Thankfully, no matter if your company and employees are based in San Francisco, New York City, Washington DC, Houston, or others. CorporateShuttle.com are standing by on the ready to help your employees return to the office.

Why should I book a corporate
transportation for my group tour?

CorporateShuttle.com by BusBank provide groups of tourists and employees with a convenient way to get to and from their tour stops. It can help reduce traffic congestion and improve their travel experience. 

Improve morale
in your organization!

Frequently Asked Questions about
Group Tour Shuttle Services

It is a transportation service that enables large-group transportation for effective and safe transport.

They are efficient means of transportation for small and large groups that save time, money, and energy.

For corporations, they value their time that their employees save driving or commuting via public transportation.

For conference organizers, they want to keep their attendees missing an event due to parking problems and other distractions. 

Ultimately, a corporate shuttle services solves a problem in transporting large groups of people.

The main benefits of a corporate shuttle service is to alleviate an inconvenience that will stop someone attending an event or visiting an office and save the passengers time and money from commuting through another means.

These services provide the best in safe and reliable transportation for any size group to reach a destination together.

These services provide the best in safe and reliable transportation for any size group to reach a destination together.

They are managed through the connections with trusted bus corporations and tight management.

Group tour shuttle services work with your group’s needs and provide safe and reliable transportation.