Corporate Shuttles in Chicago

Finding a corporate shuttle service in Chicago should not be difficult. With, you can find the best transportation, such as a charter bus in Chicago, when you have a large group to transport.
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Booking Shuttles in Chicago

Chicago is a busy city with plenty of traffic, and the winters can be tough for commuters to get from public transportation to the office. Group transportation gets complex when you’re trying to get everyone to the same place simultaneously.

However, the Chicago corporate shuttle service from can provide you with the logistics and planning needed to transport your employees or attendees to the office, an event, a meeting, or a conference.

We can help you figure out the right shuttle service for your needs. You can choose from a minibus, a motorcoach, or more – all with a professional driver to get your group there safely.

Keep reading to learn why our corporate transportation services is the right choice to meet your transportation needs.
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The city of Chicago can have rush hour traffic lasting from 7 to 9 AM and then as early as 3 PM to as late as 7 PM. It’s a stressful time for employees driving through this traffic and tiring themselves out during their commutes. by Busbank can simplify commute.

A bus rental from by Busbank can ensure your team gets to work on time and travels safely. We customize the employee shuttle to arrive at events based on your workers’ schedules. Reclining seats can help employees relax while a professional driver can manage the drive on highways and through complex traffic. You’ll find multiple reasons why by Busbank will serve your purposes and meet your employee shuttle needs. Some of these reasons include:

What set us apart

22 years in operation

Choosing a company that has decades in the business is essential to offering high-class transportation services. If you are looking for a trustworthy company to help with the strategy, risk management, and last-mile services for your trusted employees, look no further.

Vast fleet of vans and buses by BusBank offers a wide range of options. Businesses can choose from a motorcoach, charter bus, minibus, airport shuttle, bus rental, passenger minibus, or numerous other vehicle types that work for their specific business sector.

Additional Insurance Coverage

We also provide insurance coverage above the limits of the bus operators to cover you in the event of a it also contains first class safety coverage to protect in the case of any accident or mishap on the road​

Rider App (Optional)

The app shows the rider and management how far the shuttle bus is from the stop. Enable a ticketing option to ensure that only your designated riders can use the bus. Finally, the app gives you the data to analyze ridership.

Route Creation and Planning

Our corporate shuttle service offers custom routes and planing to personalize the experience for employees. If you need to figure out the best way to time your route for each workday, we have got you covered.

Useful Resources on Planning Corporate Group Transportation

10 Reasons to Invest in Employee Transportation

Employees will not only thank you but will also find time productive and enjoyable.

How To Develop A Shuttle Schedule

With a simple plan for your future shuttle, putting together employee transportation can be easy.

How To Select The Right Shuttle Service

Find out how organizers should choose the best shuttle service for their employees.

Frequently Asked Questions about
Chicago Shuttles

Do you have any important questions about the shuttle bus service we offer in Chicago, Illinois? Below, we answer numerous questions for those in need of corporate transportation services.
What Type of Shuttle Bus Should You Get?
The kind of Chicago shuttle bus you get depends on the number of employees you need to transport. Our services can provide you with a charter bus, a minibus, or motor coaches. Do you need a party bus for a fun work event? Our private shuttle service can get you exactly what you need in Windy City.
The cost of renting a shuttle service will greatly depend on the size of the bus required, the dates and times you’re seeking a shuttle, and how long you need to rent a shuttle in Chicago. Booking earlier can help you get a better rate. We will work with you to find a transportation service in your price range.
You will need to know the many different types of charter buses available for companies as well as the pricing options. You will also need to know how many events and scenarios your company will require transportation services. You should understand the basic logistics of bus shuttle services including whether you need one-day services or week-long transportation.
You will first need to contact by Busbank and begin the booking process of choosing the bus shuttle you need. You should begin by providing all the details necessary for transporting your group to the Chicago area. We will take care of the rest and provide you with all of the available options for your shuttle service. is much like a travel aggregator but custom group transportation. Through its 22 years of service, the service has built a vast network of local operators and a transparent view into their availabilities, bus types, and expertise. Through our partnership with this network, our reservation team can plan the perfect solution for your needs and ensure that the right operators is there to deliver on it. offers shuttle services to airports. The key difference between our airport shuttle and others is our pricing for airport shuttles is based on the bus but not the seat. That means that our client work without us to charter a bus to shuttle their passengers to or from the airport and a custom destination, defined by the organization.

Charter The Right Shuttle Vehicle

Booking the right vehicle depends on where you are taking your group in the Windy City along with the number of people requiring transport. Some of the shuttles available include:

Coach Bus

coach bus

Comfort for Distance Travel

Learn more

Mini Bus


Ease for Small Group

Learn more

School Bus


Utility for Large Group

Learn more

Sprinter Van


Good Fit for Small Group

Learn more

Charter a Sprinter Van in Chicago

You can also book a sprinter van if you have only a small number of passengers to transport. These types of vans are available for driving at least 10 to 15 people at a time. 

The sprinter van rental is a more cost-effective solution if you don’t have too many workers to drive. It’s a perfect shuttle for smaller start-ups with few employees.

Charter a Coach Bus in Chicago

Chartering a motorcoach bus provides you with a luxurious and comfortable experience. If you have a long drive for your employees or students, chartering a coach bus will provide the comfort they need with extra legroom and leather reclining seats. These buses also have extra overhead storage space and televisions to keep riders entertained.

Charter a Minibus in Chicago

The mini-bus is a good idea when driving in more crowded parts of Chicago with narrow city streets. These are also cost-efficient and comfortable possibilities for 15 to 25 passengers. 

We will work with you to help find the best vehicle to fit your needs and provide a seat for all of the passengers in your group.

Charter a School Bus in Chicago

If you run a school or have a class that you want to take to the Chicago History Museum, the Art Institute of Chicago, or any other educational locations, then you will need to charter a school bus. Renting a school bus allows you to transport up to 65 children. These rentals come with a PA system and are perfect for short drives.

Other Locations

Fortunately for businesses, has nationwide coverage, offering its searvice from coast to coast and everywhere in between. We’re easily found within the top metropolitan areas including New York, Las Vegas, New Orleans, and San Francisco. Contact the reservation team to lean more about getting started!
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