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10 Reasons To Invest in Employee Transportation

Official transportation will usually take the form of a shuttle bus, though in reality there is no set limitation on what companies can decide for their needs and preferences. Here are 10 reasons why it’s a good idea for companies to offer employee transportation, especially through a group like CorporateShuttle.com.

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1. Parking and Traffic

If twenty people drive separately to the same congested areas, they would further slow everyone down and clog the roads. If the office is located somewhere like a business district or another densely packed urban area, heavy traffic can be a nightmare for workers or make people late. 

In some cities, depending on the time and day, traffic jams can last a while, even adding hours to a person’s commute during rush hour. For longer-distance commuters, the congestion can be an even worse issue at bottleneck points or if something unexpected arises. 

If the company does not own its parking area, a shuttle service can be a solution to prevent workers from taking time driving around to look for distant parking spaces.

2. Arriving Together

Even if the company location is one with easy availability to nearby parking, for those without a car, a company shuttle provides more control against unexpected variables faced with cycling or using public transportation. 

Moreover, for companies with different branches or even just different buildings, an official bus can be a much better way to help keep these separate sectors running together smoothly. Especially for a company where employees frequently travel during the day to different sites, organized transportation is often more reliable than a public transit system.

3. Hiring

It can be tantalizing to potential employees when they see company benefits like transportation. If they feel the company they work for has their interests at heart, workers will feel more motivated to work at their highest levels.

Now that fewer people are continuing to work from home, company transportation is a good incentive to get individuals back in the office.

On part of a potential hire, company transit seems like a great perk that might save on their gas bills, and for the hiring company, it is a great way to stand out to draw the best quality applicants. Hiring quality workers becomes a win-win for everyone involved. 

4. Employee Health

The following fact might sound like a surprise to some people, but when a company starts investing in employee transportation, it can have a pronounced, positive effect on the physical and mental health of the staff. 

On the physiological side, reducing the distance that employees need to drive will lower blood pressure and diminish other stress-related illnesses. The health of one’s workers is always a good investment.

Heightened morale can even create a boost mentally, with a reduction in anxiety set on by driving, not to mention fewer road accidents from individual drivers.

5. The Environment

The benefits of good environmental business practices speak for themselves. Beyond any ethical positives that come, some U.S. states and cities are already enforcing carbon taxes and tax credits for a reduced carbon footprint. 

In addition to potential good PR, helping the environment can be a significant step to making a company greener. Going green also might be cheaper. In many localities, the government gives not just carbon reduction tax breaks but specifically ones based on creating transit options.

6. Reduced Cost

It might seem counterintuitive to think of spending money on a service that many employees handle themselves would be less expensive in the long term, but that is not the case with transportation. 

Factors like medical insurance, certain tax breaks and better employee focus in the workplace can lower costs and increase productivity, which is especially true of larger businesses with interconnected sites.

7. Company Morale

No matter how open and warm an office space might be, it’s still an office. Having a time and physical space for the employees to bond with each other will help in teambuilding and may create a friendly environment once the staff gets to work. 

Moving water cooler talk away from the actual water cooler will still give the employees a place to socialize without taking away from the necessary tasks could be a great way to encourage increased productivity.

8. Reliability and Correspondence

In the case of lateness, it will be easier to notify and make proper arrangements. Having staff members use the same means of transportation lowers the frequencies of variables like traffic or accidents.

9. Events

There is no reason that using a corporate shuttle would have to only be for the office. A corporate shuttle could also be a bonus in the case of conferences, retreats or other programs that would require many employees to get from point A to point B together.  

Given that many companies will pay to rent these buses out for events, the high attendance rate will save money on something that many businesses choose to spend anyway. 

Having a shuttle bus on retainer can certainly be useful for more than just the standard work commute, even if that is the primary function.

10. Efficiency

All of these points taken together, the common thread is employee satisfaction and control against unforeseeable variables. Hedging against instability, whether from traffic, weather or simply the task of coordinating more moving pieces, creates more efficiency. 

Likewise, with a more productive workforce from the boost in health and socialization, the company can focus each hour of the day on the significant tasks at hand. Having an off-site shuttle stop in a more convenient location means employees will have an easier time arriving in an orderly way to get to the office on time.

Final Thoughts

As people continue to urbanize, property values increase beyond inflation and many people look to reduce cars, investing in employee transportation can be a great move for a company overall.

Corporate Shuttle, with their years of experience, can provide reliable transportation for any company.

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