How to Plan and Schedule an Employee Shuttle

With a simple plan for your future shuttle, putting together employee transportation can be easy. The benefits certainly outweigh any cons, so discover how you can quickly and conveniently put together a shuttle schedule for your employees with the help of

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What is Employee Transportation?

Employee transportation is a system to get employees from their home to their workplace and back in one vehicle, typically a shuttle. Employers provide employee transportation to their employees and pay for the shuttle service cost. This helps employees spend less time commuting, avoiding driving in frustrating traffic, and reduces the number of cars on the street every day.

The Importance of Employee Transportation

1. Avoiding Traffic

Traffic is a bigger deal than most people realize. Sitting in traffic for hours every day can create a huge mental toll on commuters. Traffic decreases the quality of life and limits your free time before and after work.  Investing in an employee shuttle shows your employees that you value their work/life balance by taking steps to limit the number of vehicles on the road. Employees can enjoy their ride to work more as well by being able to read, watch TV on their phones, and more because they don’t have to drive. 

2. Environmental Impact

We should take every step to heal the earth and decrease greenhouse gas emissions from cars. Fight climate change by investing in an employee shuttle. Fewer employee cars on the road mean fewer emissions that can damage the environment. 

3. Saving Money

While you will have to invest money upfront when you start your employee shuttle, it will save you money in the long run. Parking spaces are expensive, and starting an employee shuttle would eliminate the need to spend more money on parking. In some cities, employers can even get tax breaks for providing employee transit. 

4. Branding and Advertising

Put your company’s logo on the shuttle, and you’ll have mobile advertising all around town! This is a great way to build your reputation. It also displays that you care about your employees and are a business with strong values. 

5. Team Building

Having an employee shuttle can be considered part of your employee benefits package. It allows your employees to bond and chat on their commute every day when they need a ride to work. This will strengthen relationships and increase productivity. 

6. Providing Further Flexibility

This is ultimately up to you as the employer, but many companies give employees the option to count their commute as work time. If employees have a longer commute, they could start their work the second they step on the shuttle and continue working on their commute home so that they have to spend less time at the office. 

7. Convenience

If your workplace has multiple locations across towns, close cities, or even various buildings in the same area, the shuttle allows you to hop from meeting to meeting. You can also even use it for team-building activities. Do you want to do a happy hour with your team or go out for lunch together? Take the work bus.

How to Plan an Employee Shuttle

Before you invest in a work shuttle service, you will have to figure out some logistics. Here are some items to consider as you plan your employee shuttle. 

1. Figure Out Pick Up and Drop Off Spots

Examine where your employees live. Do they all live roughly around the same area? Select a pick-up spot that will be convenient for everyone. Do they live further away from each other? Consider having your shuttle make multiple stops. Are there public transportation stops around your city? See if that would be a convenient spot for your employees. 

2. Safety and Comfort 

Your employee vehicle will need seat belts and airbags, but what other ways can you make your employees feel safe and relaxed during their ride? Consider including reclining seats, hand sanitizer on board, air filtration, and WiFi. 

3. Develop Your Budget

Figure out what you can realistically spend on employee transportation and how you can continue to manage the ongoing cost of an employee shuttle. 

4. Pick Your Vehicle(s)

What sort of vehicle will work best for your needs? Here are some options to consider: 
  • Van
  • Bus 
  • Minibus
  • School Bus
The type of vehicle that will work best for you depends on how many employees want transportation. 

5. Consider the Needs of Your Employees

Speaking of your employees, do you have any unique or specific needs from your group? Does anyone on your team have a disability? How can you accommodate that in your shuttle service?

How to Build a Shuttle Schedule Template

Building a shuttle schedule template involves working and communicating with your employees to discover their needs and develop a timeline that works for everyone. Take into consideration where everyone lives, what time they need to arrive in the office, and when they need to leave. Consider doing a rotating schedule with different drop-off and pick-up points on different days of the week. 

Once you’ve gathered information, you can start putting together your schedule.


Rather than spending time setting up your own shuttle schedule, you can simply reach out to us, and we’ll do the rest. 

We’ve helped people in your exact situation for over 20 years. Some advantages you gain from working with us are:

  • Our staff are professionally trained
  • We have a wide variety of vehicles to utilize
  • Our vehicles contain a GPS tracker, so you know exactly where they are at all times
  • We will even help you plan your routes to make things as easy as possible!


Once you decide to attend a conference, wedding, or meeting, sort out your transportation needs before anything else. Minor issues like the lateness of shuttle drivers ruin your travel plans. For wonderful shuttle experiences, you need sufficient preparation.

Contact a reputable employee shuttle service company early on to book a reliable shuttle service for your employees.

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