Shuttle Services
for Employees

As companies look for ways to return their employees safely back to the office, employee shuttle buses and corporate shuttle services are becoming an increasingly popular solution.

Booking Shuttles for Employees

By providing employee shuttles or corporate transportation, companies save money on mileage and fuel costs, reduce the amount of traffic on the roads and, most importantly, provide their employees with a service that aligns with current health guidelines – something that’s a genuine concern for returning-to-office employees.

Each organization has different requirements and needs to ensure that their employees get the most out of their transportation solutions. This is why it’s important to work with a provider who can advise and customize a solution that fits your own situation, thinking through the best routes, the right drivers, bus types and other important considerations.

To learn more, please see our employee shuttle types, including private shuttles, commuter shuttles, and government worker shuttles.
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Useful Resources on Planning Group Corporate

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10 Reasons to Invest in Employee Transportation

Employees will not only thank you but will also find time productive and enjoyable.

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How To Develop A Shuttle Schedule

With a simple plan for your future shuttle, putting together employee transportation can be easy.

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How To Select The Right Shuttle Service

Find out how organizers should choose the best shuttle service for their employees.

by BusBank?

With over 22 years of experience, by Busbank has provided ground transportation solutions to organizations big and small, moving employees from public locations to their places of work. With an extensive selection of vehicles, proven transportation and logistics experience, and premium features you are unlikely to find anywhere else, CorporateShuttle is your go-to transportation solution.

What set us apart

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Extensively Vetted Operators

Our operator network is chosen based on a strict vetting process. All drivers meet DOT/FMCSA requirements and are selected for each shuttle service based on their experience providing a safe, reliable, and comfortable service.

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Vast fleet of vans and buses

Choose from vans, mini coaches, school buses, or deluxe motor coaches. Our extensive network of charter bus services has a vehicle for any shuttle service. No matter the size or distance, we can provide it.

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First class safety coverage

Whether it be concerns about public health requirements, CDC compliance, or operator experience, our industry-leading safety coverage and protocols are sure to keep your employees safe during their daily commute.

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GPS Tracking

Passengers can use our optional mobile app to easily track the location of their shuttle. Management staff can also track the route to ensure the service is scheduled to meet the needs of the company.

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Route creation and planning

Let our experienced team help you to customize a route and schedule that works for your company’s unique needs, allowing users to plan their employees' pickup locations down to the street level with an experienced planner.

Long-Term Shuttle Services for Employee Transportation by BusBank has the best experience in offer competitively priced, long-term employee shuttles. by BusBank’s employee transportation services offer a range of industry-leading services that align with the requirements of today. From GPS tracking reports, adjustable routes and scheduling, to addressing safety concerns related to sanitation and overcrowding, by Busbank’s corporate travel services are ensuring your employee base will return to work once again, safe and sound.

And from a company’s standpoint, best of all, corporate shuttle services ease high-traffic areas, cut emissions, and reduce the daily stresses placed on employees by their daily commute.

Benefits to Employee Shuttles

Perhaps the most obvious benefits of employee shuttle services are that employees can avoid the hassle of fighting traffic and looking for parking, something that’s always been a difficulty in large metropolitan areas. Employers will save money on parking costs, and, if company cars are in use, savings on gas and car maintenance is an added perk.
Shuttle services can also help employees be more productive, as they will have less time wasted commuting to and from work. And beyond convenience, shuttle services also provide a social environment for employees, helping to create a sense of community within the workplace. An added advantage that’s fantastic for overall team morale.

Better Than Public Transport

For employees who live in cities and municipalities, using public transportation can be a frustrating experience. Public transit is often unreliable, expensive, and a risk to people’s general health.
Alternatively, employee shuttle services offer a convenient, reliable, and affordable alternative to public transportation. They offer direct service to the workplace, which eliminates the need to transfer between buses or trains. And, instead, offer multiple pickup and drop-off points, which makes them a sight more convenient than public transportation.
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Custom Routes, Schedules and
Transportation Solutions

Whether it be a motorcoach, passenger minibus, charter bus, or shuttle bus, employee shuttle services are a great transportation solution for a wide range of different applications. And with custom route options and detailed scheduling, shuttle services for companies are perfect for corporate groups, event planners, and anyone else looking for a reliable way to get around.
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Employee Productivity Options

By providing employees with a convenient way to get to and from work, commuter shuttle services can help employees avoid traffic congestion and the stress associated with rush hour. In addition, the shuttle service can provide employees with a comfortable, climate-controlled environment in which to relax during their commute.

Couple this with Wi-Fi, power outlets, reclining seats, and on-board entertainment options, and your team will arrive at work relaxed and rested. The perfect start to a productive day at the office or workplace.

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Professional Drivers

The well-being of your employees is our number one concern. That’s why our fleet of vehicles is operated by the industry’s best trained professional drivers. Our drivers will transport your employees safely to work, absent of their regular high blood pressure-inducing commute.

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Sanitized Vehicles

We take the responsibility of keeping our vehicles both clean and sanitized seriously. That’s why after each trip, all our vehicles’ high-touch areas undergo deep cleaning, sanitation, and disinfection. This includes great attention being paid to handrails, seat handles, bathrooms, and any other frequently touched surfaces within the coach.
Alongside vehicle sanitation practices, capacity and seating configuration that conform to the CDC’s guidelines are used. To maintain these standards and limit overcrowding, seating arrangements are used to allow a minimum of 6-foot social distance, vehicles only carry 25-50% capacities, and predetermined entry and exit points are assigned to limit close contact between passengers.
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Environmental Awareness

With many office-based positions temporarily being moved to a WFH setting, one of the silver linings of the pandemic has been the reduction of emissions and improvements of air quality. To keep this trend going, employee shuttle service can help reduce the number of single occupancy vehicles on the road, significantly reducing emissions and making our cities cleaner and more livable.
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Employee Shuttle Services
in Your City

As much as we love them, large cities can be a nightmare to commute within. Thankfully, no matter if your company and employees are based in San Francisco, New York City, Washington DC, Houston, or others. are standing by on the ready to help your employees return to the office.

Why should I book a corporate
shuttle for my employees?

A corporate shuttle provides employees with a convenient way to get to and from work. It can help reduce traffic congestion and improve employee productivity. A corporate shuttle can be an effective way to promote team-building and camaraderie among employees.

Improve productivity
in your organization!

Frequently Asked Questions about
Employee Shuttle Services

An employee shuttle is a bus or employee van service that transports employees between their place of work and their residence. The shuttle may also provide transportation for employees' families and guests. Some shuttles offer direct service between specific residences and workplaces, while others make stops at several locations.

A corporate shuttle provides employees with a convenient way to get to and from work. It can help reduce traffic congestion and improve employee productivity. A corporate shuttle can be an effective way to promote team-building and camaraderie among employees.

Shuttle services are a great way for companies to provide transportation for their employees to and from work. These shuttle services can be used for employees who live in the same city as the company or for those who live in a different city.

Shuttle services offer an efficient way to commute events or employee home and workplace locations. By using a shuttle, passengers can avoid the hassle of parking, traffic, and long walks. Shuttle services are also a more affordable option than taxis or ride-sharing services.

Shuttle services are beneficial to organizations because they provide employees with a reliable way to get to and from work. This is especially important for organizations that are in areas where public transportation is not available or reliable. Shuttle services can also help reduce traffic congestion, pollution, and the risk of novel viruses to both your employees and the general public.

The employee shuttle service is managed by a team of drivers and dispatchers. The drivers are responsible for picking up and dropping off employees at their designated locations, while the dispatchers are responsible for managing the flow of traffic and ensuring that everyone arrives to and from events, work, or home on time.

There are many benefits of employee shuttle service. One benefit is that it can save employees time on their daily commutes. Another benefit is that it can help employees avoid traffic congestion. A shuttle service for companies can help employees stay safe by providing a way to avoid driving in bad weather or during rush hour. And a shuttle service for employees can also help employers reduce their transportation costs.

The employee shuttle is a service that is offered by companies to their employees. It is a shuttle that takes employees from their local pickup locations to the company's office. Public transportation is a service that is offered by cities to their residents. It includes buses, trains, and taxis.

There are many types of shuttle services, but some of the most common ones include airport shuttle services, hotel shuttle services, and employee shuttle services. Airport shuttle services provide transportation between an airport and a nearby city or town, while hotel shuttle services provide transportation between a hotel and a nearby city or town. While, employee shuttle services provide transportation for workers and professionals from their home to convention, conference, events, and workplace locations.