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As traveling to and from work picks up again, commuter shuttles are another way to ease the challenges of driving or public transportation. Find out how with by Busbank.
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Booking Shuttles for Commuters

Commuting to work whether by public transit or by car is hard on the commuter’s overall well-being. While most agree that the time spent traveling to and from work is wasted, studies also find that it an impact of a person’s mental and physical health. This was true before work went 100% remote. Now that we know what work is like without a commute, returning to work feels all the most difficult.

Nevertheless, the inter-personal connections and face to face conversations at work are irreplaceable and organizations are eager to foster of it. So finding a solution to improve your commuter is necessary. 

Fortunately, we have options in addition to public transit and driving yourself. Commuter Shuttles are a great option for long distance commuter or even the train station to the office.

By providing the commuter with a shuttle service or corporate transportation, companies will not only save money on mileage and fuel, but give the commuter time back in their day to catch up on email or sleep or connecting with their commute friends.  

Each employer has different considerations and needs to ensure that their workforce gets the most out of their transportation solutions. by Busbank is familiar with these needs and can help you determine the best plan for you.

To learn more, please see  shuttle types, including private shuttles, employee shuttles, and government worker shuttles.
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by BusBank?

With over 22 years of experience, by Busbank has provided ground transportation solutions to organizations big and small, moving employees from public locations to their places of work. With an extensive selection of vehicles, proven transportation and logistics experience, and premium features you are unlikely to find anywhere else, CorporateShuttle is your go-to transportation solution.

What set us apart

Extensively Vetted Operators

Our operator network is chosen based on a strict vetting process. All drivers meet DOT/FMCSA requirements and are selected for each shuttle service based on their experience providing a safe, reliable, and comfortable service.

Vast fleet of vans and buses

Choose from vans, mini coaches, school buses, or deluxe motor coaches. Our extensive network of charter bus services has a vehicle for any shuttle service. No matter the size or distance, we can provide it.

First class safety coverage

Whether it be concerns about public health requirements, CDC compliance, or operator experience, our industry-leading safety coverage and protocols are sure to keep your employees safe during their daily commute.

Rider App
GPS Tracking

Passengers can use our optional mobile app to easily track the location of their shuttle. Management staff can also track the route to ensure the service is scheduled to meet the needs of the company.

Route creation and planning

Let our experienced team help you to customize a route and schedule that works for your company’s unique needs, allowing users to plan their employees' pickup locations down to the street level with an experienced planner.

Commuter Types
We Serve

At CorporateShuttle, we work with a range of industries to provide clean and safe transportation via our commuter shuttle program.

Benefits to Commuter
Shuttle Services

Commuter shuttles possess significant benefits when compared to using public transportation or carpool.

Shuttle services can also help employees be more productive, as they will have less time wasted commuting to and from work. And beyond convenience, shuttle services also provide a social environment for employees, helping to create a sense of community within the workplace. An added advantage that’s fantastic for overall team morale.

Better Than Public Transport

Using a shuttle service like CorporateShuttle gives you autonomy to determine routes and timetables that you can’t with public transportation. Additionally, shuttles are cleaner than public transit.


Custom Routes, Schedules and
Transportation Solutions

Whether it be a motorcoach, passenger minibus, charter bus, or shuttle bus, employee shuttle services are a great transportation solution for a wide range of different applications. And with custom route options and detailed scheduling, shuttle services for companies are perfect for corporate groups, event planners, and anyone else looking for a reliable way to get around.

Employee Productivity

Shuttle services take the stress off of your employees, making them happier and more productive. They no longer have to contend with traffic, avoid commute hours, or struggle with disruptions in train or bus service.


Professional Drivers

We hire skilled drivers with local experience and thoroughly background check them for client safety. Many driver vehicles are tracked in real-time to improve efficiency metrics.


Sanitized Vehicles

With the advent of COVID19, sanitation has become a priority. CorporateShuttle ensures that vehicles are cleaned per today’s safety standards.


Environmental Awareness

Using group transit reduces emissions leading to a lower carbon footprint and a greener, cleaner planet for everyone.

Commuter Shuttle Services
in Your City

As much as we love them, large cities can be a nightmare to commute within. Thankfully, no matter if your company and employees are based in San Francisco, New York City, Washington DC, Houston, or others. are standing by on the ready to help your employees return to the office.

Why should I book a corporate
shuttle for commuters?

A corporate shuttle provides commuters with a convenient way to get to and from work. It can help reduce traffic congestion and improve employee productivity. A corporate shuttle can be an effective way to promote team-building and camaraderie among employees.

Improve productivity
in your organization!

Frequently Asked Questions about
Commuter Shuttle Services

What is an employee shuttle?
A commuter shuttle is a shared-ride service driven by a professional, commercially-licensed driver.
Commuter shuttles give you a fast, easy way to move your employees between locations, without the troubles of public transportation.
Yes. Shuttle services like CorporateShuttle give you control over timetables and routes, whereas you’re at the mercy of public transportation schedules.
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