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Private Shuttles
for Executives

If you are planning travel to a client meeting and want to delegate the logistics of ground transportation, consider a private shuttle service as a worry-free, comfortable and reliable choice.

Booking Private Shuttles for Executives

There are a lot of different  needs that require private shuttles. Organizations that often need to transport a group of executives to client meetings, pitches, work sites, the airport or a conference will use a private transportation solution to mitigate the worry of driving and keep the team together.

Ridesharing, cabs or pay-by-the seat airport shuttle are options, but nowadays organizations are looking for more comfortable and private transportation with a suite of amenities like wifi and power outlets that can fit any size group. And no one needs to worry about part of the team not making the meeting.

By providing executives with a shuttle service or corporate transportation, companies can not only reduce expenses on parking or multiple car, but will also provide the team with additional time to prepare. 

Each organization has different requirements and needs to ensure that their executives or small groups get the most out of their corporate transportation.We have worked with every scenario, let us help you with your team’s transportation needs.

CorporateShuttle.com by BusBank will get the most out of your budget, works through the best routes, the right professional drivers, bus types and other important considerations.

Check our more information on commuter shuttles, including employee shuttles, government worker shuttles, and more.

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Why CorporateShuttle.com?

CorporateShuttle.com by BusBank has more than 22 years of experience handling the transportation needs of organizations of every size. Our varied selection of vehicles ensures that you will be able to find the right choice for your corporate event, conference or special event.

What set us apart

Highly Trained Operators

Our operator network is chosen based on a strict vetting process. All drivers meet DOT/FMCSA requirements and are selected for each shuttle service based on their experience providing a safe, reliable, and comfortable service.

Vast fleet of vans and buses

Choose from vans, mini coaches, school buses, or deluxe motor coaches. Our extensive network of charter bus services has a vehicle for any shuttle service. No matter the size or distance, we can provide it.

First class safety coverage

Whether it be concerns about public health requirements, CDC compliance, or operator experience, our industry-leading safety coverage and protocols are sure to keep your employees safe during their daily commute.

Optional GPS Tracking

Passengers can use our optional mobile app to easily track the location of their shuttle and board. Management staff can also track the route to ensure the service is scheduled to meet the needs of the company.

Route creation and planning

Customers have access to custom routes and schedules. This capability finds the most efficient and safe route for passenger pickup, allowing users to plan their employees' pickup locations down to the street level.

A few of the companies we’ve worked with...

Beyond corporate shuttle services, CorporateShuttle.com by BusBank has been the transportation service of choice for events like the Super Bowl and Bottle Rock Festival. CorporateShuttle moved over 7,500 passengers for the Bottle Rock festival back in 2019. And stepping up in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, CorporateShuttle.com by Busbank provided regional transportation to those areas worst affected by interruptions to public transport services.

Private Transportation for Small VIP Groups

Small groups in need of private transportation can rely on CorporateShuttle for anything from airport shuttle service to longer trips. No matter the size of the group, there is a vehicle to fit your needs, from vans to motor coaches.

Benefits to Private
Shuttle Services

Let CorporateShuttle.com by BusBank customize your shuttle transportation for you. Whether you need local car service or are transporting thousands of passengers from multiple locations, CorporateShuttle.com can accommodate any size event.

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Craft a Personalized Fleet

Whether you’re planning well in advance or have a last-minute transportation need, there is an SUV, van, mini-coach, school bus or motorcoach to meet your needs.


Travel on Your Own Schedule

A shuttle service allows you to travel on your own schedule. There’s no need to miss any part of your convention or trade show to fit the schedule of public transportation. You can enjoy stress-free transportation on your own schedule.


Safe and Reliable — No Matter What

Safety is always the biggest concern during travel. There’s no more precious cargo than people, and CorporateShuttle takes it seriously, regardless if it’s a business trip or a field trip.

From strictly vetted drivers to routes planned for safety and efficiency, you can feel at ease knowing our vehicles will pick you up and drop you off safely.


Professional Drivers

Drivers of CorporateShuttle.com are the best at what they do. They’ll get you to work or your event safely and without stress, and they’re prepared to deal with any pandemic requirements.


Private Amenities

There’s no need to go without the amenities with a private shuttle service. Enjoy climate control and reclining seats along with ample legroom and access to wifi and power outlets.

private bus amenities

Environmental Awareness

An added benefit of using a shuttle service is the environmental impact. Traveling with a group means fewer vehicles on the road and fewer emissions, and you don’t need to sacrifice comfort.

Private Shuttle Services
in Your City

As much as we love them, large cities can be a nightmare to commute within. Thankfully, no matter if your company and employees are based in San Francisco, New York City, Washington DC, Houston, or others. CorporateShuttle.com are standing by on the ready to help your employees return to the office.

Why should I book a private
shuttle for my executives?

A private shuttle provides executives with a convenient way to get to and from work. It can help reduce traffic congestion and improve employee productivity. A private shuttle can be an effective way to promote team-building and camaraderie among executives.

Improve productivity
in your organization!

Frequently Asked Questions about
Shuttle Services

Shuttle service can refer to any method that chauffeurs people from one place to another. Sometimes, it includes a designated pickup and dropoff location between which vehicles transport people. Other times, it’ll transport people from one requested location to another.

A private shuttle service can often be a better way for groups to travel together. The service is safe and reduces the stresses of traffic and navigating. It also reduces wear and tear on your own vehicle.

With a shuttle service, you can be reasonably sure of what you’ll receive in regards to the vehicle, the driver and the cost. You do, however, typically need to reserve the service in advance.

With a taxi service, on the other hand, you’re subject to whichever driver is available. You have no control over the vehicle, and the fare you pay may vary depending on several factors. Taxis are, however, generally able to pick you up whenever you call or signal them from the curb.

With a public shuttle, you’re usually booking a seat on whichever vehicle is available. There may be other people on the shuttle bus or van with you, and your pickup and dropoff location may be limited.

With a private shuttle service, the company caters the trip to your personal needs.

Our client find a reliable shuttle service important because their employees and guests begin to depend on the service as a primary source of transportation. When the shuttle service can not perform its service, then it reflects poorly on the organization and those passenger lose faith in the organization, let alone the service.