10 Reasons To Invest in Employee Transportation

Whether you intend to organize a convention, a company event, or commuter shuttle, you’ll want to hire the right service that fits your passenger needs and budget.

Find out below how to choose the right shuttle service for your employees.

Jump Ahead


Transportation plans are stressful, especially for employees juggling work and event plans. Shuttle transportation solutions reduce these stress levels. So, your employees will focus on emails and  preparations for the events. 

Companies also gain a good reputation with these services, since workers view them as suitable workplaces. The convenience of shuttle buses for business trips is a nice perk that most people enjoy. Employees feel cared for and supported. 

The transport industry has stiff competition as most shuttle businesses aim to garner impressive profits. However, you’ll still find the services you need if you work with a genuine company. Gather as much information as you can about the company before signing any contracts.

Check the Company's Reputation

Research is the only thing that will help you choose a reliable company for shuttle services. Look for a client-oriented company and avoid those that focus on profit maximization at the expense of good customer service. It is easy to discover a company’s reputation online. Most shuttle businesses have websites where clients write testimonials.  Search engines show company reviews. Online company review sites such as Indeed, Glassdoor and Seek also provide information about how different organizations treat their employees. In addition, how organizations treat workers reflects on service provision. Good employee treatment results in good customer care. You’ll also learn about the skills of shuttle drivers from these online sites. Social media platforms such as Instagram also offer reliable organization reviews. Influencers will always recommend the best shuttle companies to work with.  Below are some questions to answer while you research.

– What Type of Vehicles Does the Shuttle Service Offer as Transport Options?

Shortlist companies that  offer only serviced vehicles as transport options. Do not choose a shuttle company that offers old vehicles. This way, you’ll be sure to boost a transportation solution that is safe and reliable. 

– What Kind of Reviews Does the Shuttle Provider Receive?

Shuttle services customers will always recommend good customer care. But, with the busy schedules that everyone has, most clients don’t take on that task unless the services are extremely poor and need to be called out. So, companies that have many negative reviews probably offer unreliable services.

– What Kind of Coverage Does the Provider Have?

Another factor to consider in shuttle service companies is their transportation area. For example, if you need to attend a particular event and are unsure about the exact location, choose a company whose bandwidth offers long-distance transport coverage.

A shuttle company that covers a wider area will serve you best in such a scenario.

Consider the Vehicle You Need

Once you ascertain the company’s reputation, think about a suitable vehicle for your journey. First, consider the number of people traveling. Large groups of people require large vehicles, while solo travelers use a normal shuttle size.

Secondly, consider your destination. For instance, if you plan to travel from the airport, choose companies that offer SUVs or a Sedan because they are popular airport shuttles. 

Choose SUVs for large groups traveling in small droves, while luxury Sedans are good for small groups traveling in smaller droves. But, if you mean to travel with a group of employees to an event, then go for high-end shuttle vehicles that will make you travel in style and impress the crowd. 

The kind of belongings also influences the shuttle vehicle size you choose. For instance, huge luggage will require larger vehicles to transport from the airport. 

The vehicle’s routes should also guide you in your choice of shuttle services company to work with. Choose a flexible vehicle to accommodate individuals who want to get off at certain locations.

Flexibility is essential in emergencies like roadblocks or road congestion since your vehicle turns to a less congested road. In addition, flexible shuttle drivers ensure that you stay on schedule and arrive at events or conferences on time. 

Also, conduct short interviews with your shortlisted companies of interest to identify the kind of vehicles offered. Shuttle service companies with varieties of vehicles to choose from are the best to work with. Do not forget to ask about the vehicle’s availability on your travel dates because this is how you know which company to rely on.

Conduct an Early Search

You might not get the best shuttle services if you are a last-minute person.  Airport, conference, and event travels require early preparation. The first thing you sort is transportation because otherwise you’ll remain stranded at the airport or hotel. Constant procrastination is the reason most people miss out on shuttle transport solutions.

If you start your research a day before traveling, you’ll not obtain sufficient information about airport shuttle services. Your shuttle service choice will be based on how fast a company pops up online. 

Early searches are advantageous because you’ll have enough time to learn how different shuttle service companies operate and the quality of services provided. For instance, you’ll read travel regulations from different companies and compare before identifying one that satisfies your needs. 

These organizations also offer varied price quotes for their services. Unfortunately, you’ll not have enough time to compare these quotes if you book shuttle services in a rush. As a result, you’ll receive services that are not worth your money.

Therefore, spare hours of reading quotations from various shuttle service organizations. This process also contributes to your ability to stay within your budget.

Why You Should Hire Shuttle Services for Your Corporation

Now you know what you need to look for when choosing the best shuttle. However, why would you want to hire one? Here is a list of benefits and reasons why you should. 

  • Delegation: You do not need to worry about who within your company is in charge. A third company will do that for you.
  • Improved Organization: You can set more accurate timestamps on departures and arrivals. Time can be critical for events.
  • Ease of Transportation: None of your employees will worry about public transport or parking spots.
  • Cost Efficiency: Shuttle buses are cheaper than hiring multiple transportation units or using your own.
  • Sustainability: Most shuttle transportation consumes less fuel than standard cars.
  • Safety: All drivers are professionals in what they do, and the tests to work as a shuttle driver are not simple. This ensures professionalism and care.
  • Positive Experience: Most shuttle buses offer a comfortable environment. Long space for legs, reclining seats and more.


Once you decide to attend a conference, wedding, or meeting, sort out your  transportation needs before anything else. Minor issues like the lateness of shuttle drivers ruin your travel plans. For wonderful shuttle experiences, you need sufficient preparation.

Contact a reputable shuttle service company early on to book a reliable shuttle service for your employees.

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