Corporate Shuttles
in New York City

Getting employees to the office or the worksite safely has always been a concern for companies in and around New York City. In the past, this was challenging - by BusBank makes it easy.

Booking Shuttles in New York

NYC is truly one of the world’s global business headquarters. Hundreds of conventions, and innumerable meetings happen here every year, because it is THE place to do business. However, getting around NYC can be a challenge – and it can be even more challenging to move a group. Here are common solutions for New York-based transportation challenges.

Public Transportation Alternative. The NYC subway and bus system is truly the backbone of the city. However, there are times when it does not or cannot suit the needs of your business. Offices and employees are moving to transit deserts, and sometimes the subway system fails as in Superstorm Sandy. How do you get your teams to work?

Whether you need to provide employee shuttles temporarily or long-term, we can help.

Convention Transportation. Perhaps you have a large team coming into NYC for a major trade show, with trips going from all airports to the Javitz Center.

Office Relocation Shuttles. Is your office permanently moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn, Long Island, Westchester, Connecticut or New Jersey, but your employees still live in Manhattan?

Last Mile Shuttle. With a diversified nationwide network of bus operators, we find that last-mile shuttle from the train station to your office without you tearing your hair out.
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We help NYC-based companies solve their transit problems - both temporary and ongoing.

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With a diversified nationwide network of bus operators, we find that last-mile shuttle from the train station to your office without you tearing your hair out. Our operators are all fully licensed and insured. As a premier corporate charter bus company in New York City for over 22 years, there are key reasons to choose by Busbank as the most suitable service for you. Organizations of various sizes, including corporations, schools, conferences, and nonprofits have trusted us with their transportation needs. Our solutions focus shuttle services for employees, executives and commuters of any kind, group transportation for corporate events, meetings and group tours.

What sets us apart

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22 Years in Operation

Choosing a company that has decades in the business is essential to offering high-class transportation services. If you are looking for a trustworthy company to help with the strategy, risk management, and last-mile services for your trusted employees, look no further.

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Vast Fleet of Vans and Buses by BusBank offers a wide range of options. Businesses can choose from a motorcoach, charter bus, minimbus, airport shuttle, bus rental, passenger minibus, or numerous other vehicle types that work for their specific business sector.

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Additional Insurance Coverage

We also provide insurance coverage above the limits of the bus operators to cover you in the event of a it also contains first class safety coverage to protect in the case of any accident or mishap on the road

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Rider App

The app shows the rider and management how far the shuttle bus is from the stop. Enable a ticketing option to ensure that only your designated riders can use the bus. Finally, the app gives you the data to analyze ridership.

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Route Creation and Planning

Our corporate shuttle service offers custom routes and planing to personalize the experience for employees. If you need to figure out the best way to time your route for each workday, we have got you covered.

Useful Resources on Planning Corporate Transportation

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10 Reasons to Invest in Employee Transportation

Employees will not only thank you but will also find time productive and enjoyable.

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How To Develop A Shuttle Schedule

With a simple plan for your future shuttle, putting together employee transportation can be easy.

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How To Select The Right Shuttle Service

Find out how organizers should choose the best shuttle service for their employees.

More Info About Planning Shuttles in NYC

Charter The Right Shuttle Vehicle

The best way to know what type of charter to book in NYC is to understand what each shuttle offers. Shuttles can offer amenities, comforts, capacity, or storage, depending on which you decide to charter.

Coach Bus

coach bus

Comfort for Distance Travel

Learn more

Mini Bus


Ease for Small Group

Learn more

School Bus


Utility for Large Group

Learn more

Sprinter Van


Good Fit for Small Group

Learn more

Book A Sprinter Van in St. Louis

A Sprinter van is ideal for transporting a smaller group of people. They work well for airports, hotels, and meeting shuttles. They provide comfort without being too costly to the company.

sprinter van

Book A Coach Bus in St. Louis

One of the largest buses is the coach bus. Coach Buses are one of the most popular choices for corporate travel. You can get a bus that fits a mid-sized group to a larger group. They come in standard and luxury options. Most corporate bookings choose a luxury option when they’re renting for longer.

Charter a Minibus in St. Louis

Minivans are excellent modes of transportation for smaller groups. While they’re not extravagant, they’re comfortable and will safely get you from point A to point B. They’re great for all corporate travel, including to and from sporting events.

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Charter a School Bus in St. Louis

School buses aren’t the primary choice for corporate travel, but they’re still a viable option. They can fit around 45 adults and are great for exploring St. Louis during downtime from corporate meetings and conventions.

Corporate Group Shuttles in NYC

Offering corporate employee shuttle services is a useful perk for employees. It will allow employees to worry less over traffic and focus more on their tasks and duties. Corporate shuttle services can take the stress out of corporate events. Buses will get passengers there on time while removing the trouble and expense of finding parking in NYC.

Using corporate shuttle services gives employees an advantage to team-build while in transit. Removing the pressure of having to drive allows employees to socialize and build teamwork skills while on the road. Corporate transportation services are also highly regulated and therefore safe due to government requirements.

Here are types of shuttle services for corporate clients:

NYC has dozens of corporate retreat areas, like Mohonk Mountain House, for companies to take time away from the city office to team-build and organize departments. Chartering a shuttle to transport employees and their luggage to a week-long getaway can increase morale.

Traveling to a meeting in Brooklyn from Manhattan can take a bit of time, especially during peak hours. Having a shuttle take employees to the appointment will allow passengers to go over notes and schedules without worry or traffic stress.

Conferences can be held in hotels or centers, like Empire State Plaza Convention Center. Your employees can focus on the conference's objectives and communicate with clients instead of dealing with the headache of individual logistics.

Large construction companies organizing site visits can benefit from using a shuttle service. Employees are dropped off at the site, perform the required inspection or other duties, and leave comfortably on schedule.

Trade shows are a big part of how corporations operate. Chartering a shuttle bus for employees attending expos and meetings is an efficient way to help them focus on building relationships with potential clients without worrying about how they should ride back.

Travel is another big part of corporate business operations. Ensuring employees and visitors have a booked shuttle to transport them from the airport to a hotel or for airport transfers is easy and hassle-free with services like by BusBank.

More Info on Corporate Event Planning in NYC

Corporate Event Locations in NYC

Corporate events can range from offsite meetings to corporate field trips. Here are some suggestions for when it’s time to mix work and fun in New York City.

Company Event Venues for Large Groups

You can find many different corporate event venues around New York City. Some of the best company event venues in the city that doesn’t sleep include:

Company Retreats in New York City

You can find multiple company retreat ventures in New York, ranging from relaxing, meditative experiences to disconnecting in a farm style retreat. The top retreats in the city include:

Offsite Meetings

You can find numerous areas for offsite meetings in the city of New York. Some places for offsite meetings are:

Popular Company Field Trips

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Airport Shuttles
in New York City

With corporate airport shuttles for NYC airports, avoid rows of taxis and heavy construction, the terminal gate and the directions to the airport and to your hotel or trip destination.

Benefits of NYC Airport Shuttles

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There is no need to worry about traffic when your shuttle driver controls the driving. What’s more, partners with experienced commercial drivers who know the city well. So you’re in good hands.

Luggage Assistance

Drivers are also duty-bound to help with loading and unloading luggage. For larger groups, drivers are trained to provide expert instruction on baggage handling practices for safe disembarkation.

No Need for Parking

With an airport shuttle service, you don’t have to race to get a good parking spot. You also don’t have to pay any parking fees. The driver simply drops your group off safely at designated spots.

Popular NYC Airports by BusBank providers caters to any group going to popular airports such as:

University Shuttles
in New York City

University shuttles have plenty of benefits for students and academics.

Benefits of NYC University Shuttles

student shuttle

Job Fairs and Recruitment Drives

Job fairs are effective ways to give students direction on how to plan their educational attainments to become attractive to employers. CorporateShuttle’s fleet of vehicles helps to transport your team of recruiters and career educators to universities across the Big Apple. 

University Events

Schools with multiple events across different campuses or locations within New York can benefit from CorporateShuttle’s services. Create a schedule and pick-up location so your students can get to these locations worry-free.


New York is fraught with all sorts of dangers brought about by high traffic. With CorporateShuttle’s roster of professional drivers, students can get to their campuses securely

Popular NYC Universities

New York City has dozens of universities and branches located throughout the city, but others stand out as some of the best.

Hospital Shuttles in NYC

Benefits of NYC Hospital Shuttles

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Health and Safety

Need to get families and patients quickly from the parking lot to the clinic for an important medical appointment? by BusBank can get them there safely and on schedule so they never miss a beat. 

Less Stress on Hospital Driveways

With only a couple of minibusses transporting passengers to the hospital for a visit, you’re not contributing to the stress on the hospital’s roadways. Just drop the passengers at the entrance and move the vehicle to a safe spot to wait.

Increase Patient Satisfaction

A hospital using CorporateShuttle’s services promotes a caring and healing environment by making sure that patients aren’t hassled with walking and getting lost. It is a thoughtful comfort when a hospital ensures that patients are transported safely to other hospital buildings within a complex.

Popular NYC Hospitals

New York City has dozens of major hospitals located throughout the city, but others stand out as some of the best.

Other Locations

Fortunately for businesses, has nationwide coverage, offering its service from coast to coast and everywhere in between. We’re easily found within the top metropolitan areas including New York, Las Vegas, New Orleans, and San Francisco. Contact the reservation team to lean more about getting started!