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Corporate Shuttles
in San Diego

San Diego covers an enormous and breathtaking coastal city, but can be a real challenge for transportation. For corporations, military, contractors and higher education, CorporateShuttle.com can offer a great way to get your teams where you need them to go.

Booking Shuttles in San Diego

It is common knowledge that San Diego’s Metropolitan Transit System leaves a lot desired. Busses and trolleys are scheduled every fifteen minutes but are notoriously unreliable. This is inconvenient for people trying to get to work on time.

A great alternative is CorporateShuttle.com in San Diego. We provide you with a relaxing way to commute to work every day. 

Here are several reasons you should use a San Diego Corporate Shuttle Service for your transportation needs:

  • You can avoid the inefficient public transit system.
  • Booking your shuttle times will guarantee that you are punctual.
  • You can create closer working relationships with your colleagues.
  • You can relax and leave the driving to someone else.
  • Shuttle commuters will reap significant cost savings.
  • Employees will develop a stronger corporate identity.

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Why CorporateShuttle.com

CorporateShuttle.com by BusBank is your one-stop shop for all your Phoenix corporate group transportation needs. CorporateShuttle offers a host of features designed to make your trip run as smoothly as possible.

What set us apart

22 years in operation

Choosing a company that has decades in the business is essential to offering high-class transportation services. If you are looking for a trustworthy company to help with the strategy, risk management, and last-mile services for your trusted employees, look no further.

Vast fleet of vans and buses

Instead of only having one or two vehicles to choose from, Corporate Shuttle offers a wide range of options. Businesses can choose from a motorcoach, charter bus, minimbus, airport shuttle, bus rental, passenger minibus, or numerous other vehicle types that work for their specific business sector.

First class safety coverage

Corporate Shuttle Services offers a safer and more reliable option than everyday public transit. Although the vehicles have perks, like power outlets and WiFi, it also contains first class safety coverage to protect in the case of any accident or mishap on the road.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking ensures you will never miss the shuttle bus to and from work. Instead of waiting precious minutes at the train station, you can simply hop on the employee transportation to get to work on time.

Route creation and planning

Our corporate shuttle service offers custom routes and planing to personalize the experience for employees. If you need to figure out the best way to time your route for each workday, we have got you covered.

Useful Resources on Planning Corporate Group Transportation

10 Reasons to Invest in Employee Transportation

Employees will not only thank you but will also find time productive and enjoyable.

How To Develop A Shuttle Schedule

With a simple plan for your future shuttle, putting together employee transportation can be easy.

How To Select The Right Shuttle Service

Find out how organizers should choose the best shuttle service for their employees.

Frequently Asked Questions about

A corporate shuttle is a shuttle service hired by an organization, usually a business but can also be a government entity, local municipality or nonprofit. The  shuttle transportation is usually in the form of a bus or sprinter van, that will pick up and drop off groups of passengers on a regular schedule and at pre-determined location.

The reasons for hiring a corporate shuttle are plentiful. However, the primary reasons why companies hire Corporate Shuttle services is to ensure that key personnel can get to and from an important place on time, safely, and conveniently. Here are some examples.

For corporations, they value their time that their employees save driving or commuting via public transportation.

For conference organizers, they want to keep their attendees missing an event due to parking problems and other distractions. 

Ultimately, a corporate shuttle services solves a problem in transporting large groups of people.

The main benefits of a corporate shuttle service is to alleviate an inconvenience that will stop someone attending an event or visiting an office and save the passengers time and money from commuting through another means.

The importance of a corporate shuttle service depends on how great the problem of transporting groups of passengers is to your business. 

Our client find a reliable shuttle service important because their employees and guests begin to depend on the service as a primary source of transportation. When the shuttle service can not perform its service, then it reflects poorly on the organization and those passenger lose faith in the organization, let alone the service.

Corporateshuttle.com is much like a travel aggregator but custom group transportation. Through its 22 years of service,  the service has built a vast network of local operators and a transparent view into their availabilities, bus types, and expertise. Through our partnership with this network, our reservation team can plan the perfect solution for your needs and ensure that the right operators is there to deliver on it. 

CorporateShuttle.com offers shuttle services to airports. The key difference  between our airport shuttle and others is our pricing for airport shuttles is based on the bus but not the seat. That means that our client work without us to charter a bus to shuttle their passengers to or from the airport and a custom destination, defined by the organization. 

Charter The Right Shuttle Vehicle

Providing safe transportation to our clients is our number one priority. Whether you are a small group or a large group, we have the service that will meet your needs. You can charter a bus for long distances or short distances within the city.

Coach Bus

coach bus

Comfort for Distance Travel

Learn more

Mini Bus


Ease for Small Group

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School Bus


Utility for Large Group

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Sprinter Van


Good Fit for Small Group

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Charter a Sprinter Van in San Diego

Chartering a Sprinter Van is the most cost-effective way to travel with a small group. These vans can comfortably accommodate up to fifteen passengers.


Charter a Coach Bus in San Diego

A Coach Bus is a comfortable way for your large group to get to their destination. Corporate Shuttle Service in San Diego will guarantee we get your group to their event on time.

Charter a Minibus in San Diego

A Minibus rental is another cost-effective way to transport smaller groups for shorter distances. These vehicles can comfortably accommodate twenty-one people.

Standard Minibus

Charter a School Bus in San Diego

Using a charter bus in Phoenix will set you apart from the rest, and you will create memories while still respecting the budget. Renting a school bus is ideal for field trips, conventions, or getting all of your employees to an event.

Other Locations

Fortunately for businesses, CorporateShuttle.com has nationwide coverage, offering its searvice from coast to coast and everywhere in between. We’re easily found within the top metropolitan areas including New York, Las Vegas, New Orleans, and San Francisco. Contact the reservation team to lean more about getting started!